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Corporate Bus Transportation in New York, NJ, NYC

Arranging corporate transportation can be a challenging task, especially when balancing luxury with budget constraints. Providing executives, business guests, and others with luxurious travel arrangements is important, but staying within budget is crucial. Corporate bus transportation in New York, NJ, and NYC is an ideal solution for transporting large groups of people. Apex Tours owns 5 beautiful motor coaches that can accommodate anywhere from 49 to 61 people, allowing companies to transport employees or visitors in style without breaking the budget.

Instead of renting a fleet of limos or other modes of transportation, corporate bus transportation in New York, NJ, or NYC is a much better option. Not only is it affordable, but it also allows travelers to interact and even get work done while on the bus. Holding meetings, team-building activities, or any other type of corporate event is fun and easy on our large buses.

Corporate Bus Transportation in New York, NJ, or NYC | Perfect for Corporate Parties When arranging a corporate party, many things need to be considered. One major concern for companies is the liability associated with employees drinking at the event and then driving home. Providing corporate bus transportation in New York, NJ, and NYC eliminates this worry. Everyone can relax, enjoy the party, and be provided with a safe ride home without the need for a designated driver. Our professional and courteous bus drivers ensure a safe journey every time.

We provide transportation locally in New York and New Jersey, as well as longer-distance trips. Taking business associates or team members to Atlantic City, for example, is an exciting way to get out of the office and build camaraderie. If your company has a business presentation across the country, we can transport everyone involved, along with any necessary equipment, anywhere you need to go. We're more affordable than flying everyone out, and you can use the time on the bus to perfect your presentation.

Corporate Bus Transportation in New York, NJ, NYC | Call 718-858-8222 Today For any upcoming corporate travel needs, call Apex Tours. As bus owners, we work directly with you, offering more flexibility and affordability than brokers. We can arrange pick-ups anywhere in the area, including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, or Staten Island.

We also offer new customer discounts of up to 20% from November to March, and 10% off trips occurring Monday through Thursday year-round. With NY State DOT inspection and 24/7 maintenance staff on-site, you can focus on having a great time when you use us for your corporate bus transportation in New York, NJ, and NYC. Call 718-858-8222 with questions or to schedule your event today!

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